Farewell Li’l one

There lived a girl, who never said no
Came riding on clouds and left with a roar
Her zeal made of fire, her will made of steel
A King wasn’t born before whom she would kneel

There lived a girl, her face like a clown
Devil himself couldn’t make her frown
Her smile, her pranks and the way her voice ring
Nascent like first showers, was the joy it would bring

There lived a girl, flower in the wild
Care in her vanity, Humble in her pride
She moved from one flower to other, like a butterfly
Bouncing off pollen, tasting nectar and spreading out joy

There lived a girl, moon in her full glory
Every moment in her life a never ending story
Like a shooting star that only stays long enough to make a wish
In a blink of an eye she touched our lives and vanished

There lives a girl, her stories be told for long
She rides in our hearts and breaths in our songs


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