On the brightest day of a summer noon
Talaya, the noble one was born
Destined for greatness, she left her home
Mounted on a cloud and rose above

Up in skies, amidst the shadow
lying upon a bed of soft snow
Tired and weary, she fell asleep
In the lullaby of whispering breeze

There she rested for weeks in a row
Dreaming about those lake town folks
Until the day, she was awaken
By the sound of granny’s grinding stones

With a heavy heart she stood upright
knowing it was time to leave
Led by her father, lord of thunder
She followed quietly in his lead

They traveled the long winding road
Riding in the chariots of gold
Across mountains and rivers blue
Made just in time before the month of June

What she saw saddened her deep
Because standing there to welcome her fleet
With eyes full of agony and dearth
Waited patiently the children of earth

Crowned in shiny beads of sweat
With robes made of tattered threads
Standing beneath the scorching sky
They prayed with their voices dry

Her heart wept and melted at the sight
And yet she tried hard, with all her might
She whimpered, she sobbed like a child
and cried until middle of the night

Her tears became drops and drops became rain
came down from the skies roaring again
The people laughed in joy and swayed
And sang merrily to her saving grace

Next morning Talaya opened her eyes
And what she saw, she couldn’t believe
Where there was misery yesterday
Now stood a world full of green

And among them she found mother earth
Verdant in her glory, flowers in her hair
Talaya finally smiled to herself
For she realized this was to be her fate

So it’s here she stays, for days and weeks
Showering happiness, sharing her bliss
We surrender to her will and write her songs
As the legend of the noble one goes on


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